Ziegra ZBE 1000 Flake Ice Machine

The Ziegra ZBE 1000 Flake Ice Machine is a highly efficient three-phase unit capable of producing up to 1,000kg of flake ice in three different sizes on a daily basis. As a packaged plug-and-play model, it is suitable for use with a variety of ice storage options. It is also available in remote refrigeration and remote condenser versions.

Ziegra ZBE 1000 Flake Ice Machine

  • Ice level control system included
  • Able to make granular flake ice at optimum temperature of -0.5°C
  • Three different sizes of ice flake (micro, midi, or macro)
  • Hygienic design with a sealed water system
  • Comes with external water filtration system as standard
  • Designed for continuous, 24/7 operation
  • Stainless steel frame and panels
  • No moving parts in refrigeration circuit lowers risk of gas leaks

The Ziegra ZBE 1000 Flake Ice Machine is a stand-alone unit that can make up to 1,000kg of flake ice per day in one of three different sizes. It is a mid-sized, three-phase unit perfect for fish processors, fisherman cooperatives, fish wholesalers, medium-sized bakeries, meat operations and similar applications.

You can discharge the ice through either a flexible hose with a level control sensor or a rigid vertical pipe with a level control light barrier. This three-phase ice machine has a standard level control system and generates granular flake ice at ideal temperatures of -0.5°C. You can select from macro, midi, or micro sizes of ice flakes.

The ice machine boasts a hygienic design with a sealed water system and an external water filtration system. It is engineered for continuous 24/7 operation and is constructed from a stainless-steel frame and panels. The refrigeration circuit does not have moving parts, which minimises the risk of gas leaks.

The Ziegra ZBE 1000 Flake Ice Machine is delivered following CE standards and is ready to connect to drain, water, and power. It comes with condensation control, overload cut-out/thermal switch for all motors and compressors, high-pressure Pressostat, and phase sequence relay, in addition to level control by light scanner/barrier when the bin is full, ice discharge tube/hose depending on the ice discharge option you choose and water level monitoring. Additionally, it is equipped with a PE ice scoop, a 2m water drain hose, a 2m flexible water supply hose, and a Ziegra triple external water filtration unit.

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