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We offer Refrigeration, Food Machinery and Air Conditioning Services to a wide range of industry sectors, including Industrial, Commercial, and Marine.

Refrigeration & Food Machinery Engineers in Devon & Cornwall

At SPX Refrigeration & Food Machinery Engineering, we can help your business with Refrigeration, Food Machinery or Air Conditioning servicing needs. Our team has the expertise to assist commercial businesses such as fishing vessels, local shops, restaurants, food factories, and more.

Based in Devon, our team of refrigeration engineers are experienced in the field of Refrigeration, Food Machinery and Air Conditioning. With our RefCom Company F-Gas Certification (Cert No. REF1011887), we are dedicated to safely and effectively meeting your business needs with our specialised services, including those for the industrial, commercial, and marine sectors.

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Sectors Served

The sectors listed below are just a few examples of our projects. We have a wealth of experience in these areas, and we invite you to peruse the site to see how we can help your industry.

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Industrial Refrigeration

We have installed, serviced and repaired refrigeration in the industrial sector for various food factories, such as Paramount 21, Luscombe Drinks, Kitto’s, Blue Seafood Company and Hallets. We have particularly excelled in the demand from fish factories, including IFL and Oceanic Seafood.

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Commercial Refrigeration

With experience in local or farm shops, such as Greendale, our commercial refrigeration experience is predominantly for suppliers or small businesses, such as Salcombe Dairy. We have also served restaurants and cafes, including Buckfast Abbey, The Bridge, Rockfish, Turtley Corn Mill and Stacked.

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Marine Refrigeration

We are often linked to the fishing industry, including Brixham Crab Co., Water Dance, Fish 4 All, Brixham Fish Market/Brixham Trawler Agents, Nowell Fishing and Moby Nick. We have also helped numerous fishing vessels with their refrigeration needs, ensuring their catch of the day will stay fresher for longer.

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We understand that health and safety in terms of food and patient comfort are of the utmost importance, especially in hospitals. We are proud to have a Livewell contract for refrigeration and air conditioning services in local hospitals.

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Industrial Food Machinery

We supply, maintain, and repair food machinery equipment in a wide range of industrial sectors. Our expertise extends to renowned food factories such as Hallets, Kitto’s, Trevarthen’s, RD Johns Food Wholesaler, and Phillip Warren Butchers.

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Commercial Food Machinery

Our experience in the commercial sectors for food machinery predominantly involves small businesses, from butchers and bakers to farm shops and cafes including Shaldon Bakery, Meat Co., and Waldron’s Patisserie

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If your business operates within the Industrial, Commercial, or Marine sectors in Devon or Cornwall and requires our services for Refrigeration, Food Machinery Equipment or Air Conditioning, please contact us. You can either email our friendly team via the online contact form or call us on the relevant number below.

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