VKM Maja RVE 3102 S Flake Ice Machine

The VKM Maja RVE 3102 S Flake Ice Machine is a reliable choice for producing flake ice on fishing vessels, even in rough seas. It can make up to 2,900kg of freshwater ice or 2,200kg of seawater ice every 24 hours and is available for both freshwater and seawater.

VKM Maja RVE 3102 S Flake Ice Machine Features

  • Continuous supply of fresh flake ice onboard
  • Easily connects to existing refrigeration unit on board
  • Hassle-free operation in rough conditions
  • Compact ice-producing unit, ideal for limited space
  • Maintenance-friendly electro-mechanical controls
  • Non-removable, inbuilt water tank with slap-over protection
  • Increased corrosion protection for salt-laden environments

The quality of your catch greatly depends on the availability of ice for constant refrigeration. After catching the fish, the refrigeration process starts immediately onboard the vessel. However, a standard flake ice machine can be tricky to operate due to turbulent sea conditions. To tackle this issue, the VKM Maja RVE 3102 S Flake Ice Machine has been specially engineered for use on seafaring vessels, ensuring hassle-free production of ice.

The ice machine is available in freshwater and seawater models and is straightforward to connect to an existing R404A refrigeration system on board. It is equipped with user-friendly electro-mechanical controls that make it easy to maintain. Its compact size makes it ideal for use where space is limited. The VKM Maja RVE 3102 S model has the capacity to produce up to 2,900kg of freshwater ice or 2,200kg of seawater ice within 24 hours and 120kg of freshwater ice or 91kg of seawater ice every hour, making it perfect use on fishing vessels.

The VKM Maja RVE 3102 S Flake Ice Machine also features specialised seagoing additions to enable trouble-free ice production in rough seas. It includes a non-removable, inbuilt water tank with slap-over protection for compatibility with salt-laden environments. The evaporator housing is constructed from 316-grade stainless steel 1,4571 (AISI 316T; formerly V4A), a corrosion-resistant material capable of withstanding such conditions.

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