Henkelman Polar 52 Vacuum Packer

The Henkelman Polar 52 Vacuum Packer is a robust, floor-standing, stainless-steel machine with a flat work plate. It is available with different sealing bar configurations and pump capacities and is equipped with a powerful Busch vacuum pump, making it suitable for commercial and industrial use.

Henkelman Polar 52 Vacuum Packer Features

  • Easily removable silicone holders for cleaning and maintenance
  • Digital maintenance programme for vacuum pump
  • Digital control with 10 programme memory and time control
  • Comes with insert plates for quicker cycle times and product adjustments
  • Stainless steel exterior and IP-65 Classification
  • Chamber Dimensions: 500mm x 520mm x 200mm (W x L x H)
  • Machine Dimensions: 700mm x 730mm x 1100mm (W x L x H)

Available in both cut-off and wide-seal options in various sealing bar configurations and pump capacities, the Henkelman Polar 52 Vacuum Packer is a durable and reliable stainless-steel product. It features a high-quality Busch vacuum pump, meets CE standards and has an IP-65 Classification.

This floor-standing model includes two 520mm seal bars, a 3.5mm double seal, and a vacuum pump capacity of 063m³/h (99.8%/2mbar). It has a cycle time of 15 to 40 seconds and comes with silicone holders that can be easily removed for effortless cleaning and maintenance. The sealing mechanism is mounted in the lid, and the vacuum packaging machine has a vacuum stop button for partial or complete cycle interruption. Featuring a digital control with ten-programme memory and time control, it also has a digital maintenance programme for the vacuum pump, a sleep mode function, and a service hours timer. Thanks to its standard soft air function, it protects the product and vacuum bag. Boasting a stainless-steel flat working plate, housing, and lid, it comes equipped with insert plates for quicker cycles and product adjustments.

The Henkelman Polar 52 Vacuum Packer is perfect for industrial applications. It can be used in restaurant central kitchens, catering, supermarkets, delis, gastropubs, butchers, export, retail, and meat processing factories for meat, poultry, fish, cheese, and vegetables. Additionally, it is suitable for industrial products, such as electronics, semiconductors, metals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, laboratories, automotive, and size reduction.

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